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Shadient and Wavedash Remix ‘Era’

Posted January 2, 2019

By Grace Fell

If you know EDM, you know RL Grime‘s signature track “Era.” That first drop is a classic staple in any trap set, and you’re guaranteed to hear it at least a few times in any set. The song sticks around and continues to persevere through new music because it’s tried and true (and it slaps hard). Normally, something so perfect should remain untouched, but the term “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” doesn’t exactly apply here. Instead of trying to fix it, Wavedash and Shadient have put together their individual styles to create something new altogether.

This “Era” remix maintains its ominous introduction, but Wavedash and Shadient take it to a whole new place from there. Shadient’s grungy, grinding bass combines with Wavedash’s heavy dubstep influence really take things to the next level. It’s nearly unrecognizable in the last minute with its ethereal trap synths – it’s nearly an ode to the original song. These up and coming artists have really impressed with their ability to take what we all know and love and turn it into something completely different and equally as bangin’. Keep an eye on these guys; they may be the RL Grimes of the next era.

Connect with Shadient: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Connect with Wavedash: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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